Sydney Streets

Sydney streets are haphazard, the legacy of an unplanned city. Many would argue that this irrational quality gives Sydney a charm that no city constrained by grids or directed into planners’ artistic curves could ever achieve. Sydney’s streets tell something of the social history of the place. Through their names, their alignments, their appearances and their disappearances, the streets of Sydney document and illustrate the city’s history.

Wander through the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s streets. A virtual historical exhibition curated by the City of Sydney’s History Program and Archives for History Week 2003, 13 – 21 September.

Sydney's Streets video

City historians Shirley Fitzgerald and Lisa Murray chat about the evolution of Sydney's streets and their names. The video features historic photographs from the City of Sydney Archives.

Guide to Sydney Street Names

Discover the locations and name origins of Sydney's streets: past and present. Follow the link to the Guide to Sydney Street Names.


What street is it?

Castlereagh Street, at the intersection of Liverpool Street, looking north, 4 July 1932.

(City of Sydney Archives, CRS 57/306)

What street is it?
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